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Study Abroad

Cada cuatrimestre, estudiante de diferentes universidades participan en nuestro Study Abroad Program en cualquiera de nuestras facultades.

Nuestro año académico está dividido en 3 periodos, cada uno de 15 semanas y 2 semanas de vacaciones entre cada uno, los periodos son:

· 1 cuatrimestre: enero a abril
· 2 cuatrimestre: mayo a agosto
· 3 cuatrimestre: setiembre a diciembre
Un representante de la Oficina Internacional de tu universidad de origen debe nominarte en ULatina y luego enviar los siguientes documentos:

·         Carta de motivación
·         Historial académico
·         Learning agreement firmado por director académico
·         Copia del pasaporte
·         Certificado de idioma (en caso de que se solicite)
·         Copia del seguro internacional
·         Formulario de inscripción OUT
·         Learning agreement
Formulario de inscripción OUT
Short term programs
Do you want to experience the pura vida lifestyle firsthand?We offer short-term programs that include Spanish and Cultural Classes mixed up with adventure during spring break and summer break. Accommodations are offered in hotels, homestay, hostel or residence.
Tailor made programs
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica offers the possibility to visit our country under a tailor-made program; these programs are developed to meet the needs and objectives from other universities or academic institutions and can be offered in English or Spanish.

We can create programs in different areas like Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Business Administration and Hospitality, Social Sciences and Information and Communication Technologies.During these days, students will participate in lectures with professionals in their respective areas and they will also visit important companies from Costa Rica.