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International Students


Por medio de los programas de intercambio de la Universidad Latina de Costa Rica tendrás la posibilidad de vivir un programa único, donde se mezcla la calidad académica y la naturaleza, para brindarte una experiencia inolvidable.

Podrás ser parte de alguna de nuestras 5 facultades y visitarnos en alguno de nuestros periodos,

  • 1 cuatrimestre: enero a abril
  • 2 cuatrimestre: mayo a agosto
  • 3 cuatrimestre: setiembre a diciembre


  • Ser estudiante universitario activo
  • Nivel mínimo de español B2

Documentos de aplicación:

  • Formulario de inscripción OUT
  • Carta de motivación
  • Historial académico
  • Learning agreement firmado por director académico
  • Copia del pasaporte
  • Certificado de idioma (en caso de que se solicite)
  • Copia del seguro internacional

Para obtener más información, podés escribirnos al correo


Exchange program

Through the exchange programs from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, you can enjoy a unique program where academic quality and nature mix, to bring you an unforgettable experience.

You can enroll in one of our five schools and visit us in any of our three quarters,

  • 1st quarter: January to April
  • 2nd quarter: May to August
  • 3rd quarter: September to December


To enroll in our programs you must fulfill the following requirements

  • Be an active college students
  • Have a mínimum of B2 Spanish level

An International Office member from your university must send an official nomination to start with your application process and then


Application documents:

  • Application form
  • Official Transcript
  • Cover letter
  • Learning agreement signed by the academic director
  • Passport copy
  • Proof of language skills (when required)
  • Copy of International Health Insurance


For more information about the application process, please contact us at

2.Summer Programs

Business and Sustainable Development in Latin America

This program provides students with the opportunity to study different business strategies, as well as public-private schemes aimed to contribute to sustainable development in Latin America. Site visits to relevant public institutions and private companies, in addition to field trips centered on ongoing development projects are also included to complement the learning process. The program´s complimentary activities will give students a taste of the Costa Rican people and culture.


  • Minimum 2,75 GPA
  • Completion of basic level of college A2 Spanish.


Spanish and Sustainable Practices in Costa Rica

This six-week program is focused on Spanish and learning basic aspects of sustainable practices through hands-on experience in Costa Rica. The first three weeks consist of Spanish classes taught at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in San Pedro. During the last three weeks, the students will live on a sustainable farm located in Cartago, where the will have the opportunity to learn about food security, sustainable farming techniques, and ecology in Costa Rica.


  • Minimum 2,75 GPA
  • Completion of basic level of college A2 Spanish


Discovering Costa Rica

With our two-week Spanish and Immersion Program the participants will explore paradise, embrace Spanish and Costa Rican culture through history, language, music and cultural lectures and workshops.

For more information about the application process, please contact us at

3.Short Term Programs

Sustainable Cities

In this program, the participants will learn about different solutions for the climate, physical and economic stress that all cities go through nowadays. Some of the topics the participants will learn about are, the increasing of urban poverty, the different types of urban life in the develop countries and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Term: Spring, summer and fall.


Filming in the Nature

Within its 51.100 km2, Costa Rica holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity because of the different microclimates, forests, and two coasts the country has. These makes Costa Rica the perfect location to learn about the different practices to film a documentary film in the nature

Term: Spring and Summer


Tourism and Sustainability in Costa Rica

Learn all about the tourism industry in Costa Rica and how the different hotels around the country design the best experiences for their clients. In this program, participants will also learn about the sustainable practices some of the hotels apply to be eco-friendly.

Term: Spring and fall


Spanish and Physical Therapy

In this program, the students will learn about the Costa Rican Health System and more specifically the role of Physical Therapists in Costa Rica. The program includes lectures in animal-assisted therapy, sessions with Paralympic athletes and Special Olympics. Site visits include academic centers that operate with an interdisciplinary health model.


Green Energy in Costa Rica

During this program, the participants will learn all about the green energy industry in the country and the different renewable resources that the companies use to create energy. The participants will visit different companies that lead the industry in the country to hear about their practices and the importance of their work.

For more information about the application process, please contact us at


Priscilla Picado Zúñiga

International Office Coordinator

(506) 2207-6022